Emergence and Migration

Curtis Quam presents the mural to a group of children

The keystone of our museum collection is the five-panel mural depicting scenes from the emergence and migration of the A:shiwi to Halona:wa, the Middle Place. The origins of this project go back to 1998, when the AAMHC brought together historian and artist Alex Seowtewa, artist Ronnie Cachini, and intern Raelynn Cachini to represent through art, narratives about the history of our people, the landscape and places our ancestors lived at, and the land we currently inhabit.

Classes from Zuni schools regularly come to view the mural, to learn and discuss the Zuni emergence and migration story. Curtis Quam, the AAMHC’s technician and cultural educator, is available to make presentations about the mural, or you may visit the museum to view the mural on your own. The presentations can be done in Zuni language, or in Zuni and English.

Appointments can be made for these presentations by calling the AAMHC at (505) 782-4403.