Film Presentations

The A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center has a collection of several historic films made in 1923 by filmmaker Owen Cattell under the direction of F.W. Hodge for the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation. At least one film was made for the American Museum of Natural History. One of these films is always showing on a video display in the gallery during museum hours. We also invite groups and individuals to schedule an appointment to view a particular film(s) in the collection by contacting the AAMHC.

AAMHC Archive Film Listing:

  • Land of the Zuni and Community Work
  • Paper Bread (Hewe) Making and Corn Grinding
  • Deer Skin Tanning and Wrapping the Leggings
  • Hair Washing
  • The Santo Ceremony (Dancing for the Santo Niño)
  • Pottery Making
  • Oven Building and Bread Making
  • Weaving a Blanket
  • Making Adobe Bricks and House Building
  • Gathering Salt from Zuni Salt Lake
  • Hawikku/Kechiba:wa Excavation (Including stick races)

The Zuni Cultural Resource Advisory Team has determined the following films are restricted to A:shiwi people only:

  • Rain Ceremony (Summer time dancing)
  • The Sha’lako Ceremony at Zuni

Contemporary Short Films:

  • Pathways to Zuni Wisdom
  • A:shiwi Doye:nakwe
  • A:shiwi Map Art 
  • Zuni in the Grand Canyon