A:shiwi Doye:nakwe

Organized by the AAMHC in collaboration with several Zuni programs, the A:shiwi Doye:nakwe is an outgrowth of the Pathways to Zuni Wisdom program. Zuni culture is deeply based in farming, and the AAMHC believes Zuni farming knowledge is integral to the long-term sustainability of Zuni culture and economy and should be celebrated. Farming and gardening are also very healthy activities that produce clean, nutritious food.

Activities of the annual event include:

A:shiwi Doye:nakwe 2013. Photo courtesy of Halona Plaza

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Farming and gardening demonstrations
  • Crop showcase
  • Hoop toss
  • Scarecrow contest
  • Watermelon eating contest
  • Chili eating contest
  • Dance groups
  • Gunnysack races
  • Zuni bingo
  • Fruit scramble